Risotto of seafood al forno

Risotto of seafood al forno Firstly cook your rice and put away enough for 2 serving, eg; 200 grams Keep your temperature in the woodfire oven at around 300 deg with a medium flame. Ingredients: 2 x cloves of garlic Parsley Salt Olive oil ½ cup White wine 1 to 2 cups of Veg or … Continued

Porchetta al forno

Porchetta al forno Pork loin in the wood fired oven can be a memorable dish for many people. Before you do anything, fire up your wood fire oven, even if it’s the day before. The wood fire oven needs to be at a consistent temperature, at least 200deg for a good couple of hours. Let … Continued

Sausage & Onion

For this recipe we used an aluminium tray, this works well for fast meals as the heat will get through. With these particular trays we usually recommend using them once only, although if they are not too oily you can give them a wash; making sure you don’t use anything too abrasive which scratches the … Continued

Pats easy pizza dough

Easy Pizza dough 600 gr of good quality flour 400 ml of water 3 gr dry yeast 30 grams of cooking salt Touch of e.v.o. Using a bowl mix yeast in luke warm water with a fork for half minute, add half of the amount of mixed salt/flour and continue mixing. Keep on adding all … Continued

Rye Flour Pizza Dough

We chose to work with Rye flour for this dough, as it has many health benefits and being an ancient grain its easily digested. For any pizza dough we always say add a little extra flour or water if the dough is looking too dry or too wet it sticks on your hands when mixing. … Continued


Buy some lovely corn with the husk, while you are cooking other dishes just scatter the corn around the oven, back or side or front, not too close to the fire. Best temperature would be around 180.c – 300.c for even cooking. Then forget about the corn for say 30-40 minutes, open one and check … Continued