A wood fire oven is used for all types of cooking including meat, fish, vegetables, bread, pizza and pasta.

Yes they are suitable for all types of weather as they are designed to be outdoors.

Approximately 1 x 5kg bucket of wood is required to get the oven started.

One reason for black smoke is the high level of moisture in your firewood. To avoid this, use firewood with a recommended moisture between 8-15%.

The ovens are designed to let the fire go out by itself.  Do not use water to extinguish a fire in an oven.

No, hairline cracks are completely normal and will not hinder the performance of your oven.

Yes it’s still ok as all ovens collect moisture if they haven’t been used regularly.  We recommend to start them with a smaller fire beforehand to warm up the oven before establishing a larger hot fire.

Once the oven has reached the temperature you want, you will need to maintain it with a constant flame by adding more wood.  Usually, depending on the wood you’re using, it would require one log at a time.  Different temperatures are recommended for different types of food:

  • At 200 Degrees, you can cook meats, fish, vegetables, and bread.
  • At 300 Degrees you can cook pizzas, focaccias, stews (slow cooked and well covered), and meats.
  • At 400 Degrees, pizzas can be cooked.

Our Giotto range is painted by our professional team which use a drying oven.  However, all other models are suitable to be painted.  Please liaise with us for support.

Our stands are made from galvanised steel and are powder coated.  They are completely weatherproof just like the ovens.

At the moment wood fire pizza ovens are exempt to the Australian/New Zealand Standard – Domestic Solid Fuel Burning Appliances AS/NZS2918;2018 (Thermal Clearance test).

Clearances from any combustible surfaces including walls are also exempt, even though the external temperature of the ovens reach approximately 100 + degrees C at the mouth/hood of the oven.  The flues used are Australian Standard.

Polito wood fire ovens are proud to offer a 12 month labour warranty on the structural integrity of the oven i.e. it will not collapse or cave in.  Warranty is subject to correct installation and start up as per operating instructions.

Yes, we are able to deliver our ovens Australia wide.  Each oven varies in size and weight so please contact us on 03 9460 6808 for more details.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Zip and Paypal.

Yes, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives on 03 9460 6808 or submit an enquiry through our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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