Why Homeowners Are Falling in Love With Wood Fire Pizza Ovens

What’s better than a woodfire pizza oven? A Polito woodfire pizza oven, of course!

If there’s one thing Australians love more than coffee, it is their growing passion for woodfire pizza ovens.

With the rising cost of living impacting our daily lives, owning a woodfire pizza oven has never been a smarter choice.  When you think of how much money you can save making delicious, healthy and authentic Italian pizzas at home, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

With a range of woodfire design choices at your fingertips, there’s no excuse why you should hold it off any longer. From ‘ready made’ Polito ovens, DIY woodfire oven kits or a large traditional wood fired oven inspired by the hundreds of famous pizzerias around Italy, there is something to suit every homeowners budget and lifestyle needs.


So, let’s explore the 7 main reasons why Australian homeowners are falling in love with the humble woodfire pizza oven and why we believe, it’s the next best thing since ‘sliced bread’.


  1. Pizza tastes better when it’s cooked in a wood fired oven.

There’s simply nothing better than the taste of a smokey, crusty and cheesy pizza straight out of a wood fired oven. The unique aroma produced from using ‘wood’ as apposed to gas or electricity, is truly unbeatable. Nothing else really compares.

Whether you’re an experienced culinary expert or a novice who enjoys cooking new things at home, a wood fired oven always brings a unique deliciousness to every pizza dish. It also retains heat at a much higher temperature than a modern gas or electric oven, bringing out it’s raw, natural and rustic flavours in a way that can’t be replicated with modern, everyday appliances.

The even distribution of heat allows everything to cook to perfection, allowing the pizza dough to rise much quicker, producing a mouth-watering crispiness on the outside that still somehow maintains it’s delicate softness on the inside – it’s pure culinary bliss.

Our traditional Polito Donatello II WoodFire Oven has become a popular staple in many Aussie backyards and is by far the closest experience you will get to an authentic Italian pizzeria at home.


  1. It is the ‘one common denominator’ that brings family & friends together.

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good old traditional wood fired oven at home? When it comes to entertaining friends and family, it’s definitely the star attraction that gets everyone talking.

Creating wonderful memories through food, laughter and a sense of community is what life is all about. Food is what sustains us everyday. It nourishes our body, gives us the energy we need to juggle our busy lifestyles and provides us with the utmost enjoyment when prepared with love.

Whether you’re organising a big outdoor function or intimate gathering with friends and family, a woodfire pizza oven always sets the right tone, bringing an immediate sense of warmth and comfort in your home.

There’s a reason why our Italian inspired ‘wood fired outdoor pizza ovens’ are highly sought after by Aussie homeowners – when pizzas taste this good, it’s hard to resist our the Polito brand for the best in woodfire cooking.


  1. Aussies love to entertain & dine outdoors. 

As a country, Aussie homeowners love spending time outdoors, especially when it comes to dining. We are just as happy eating out at fine restaurants as we are cooking up a storm in the backyard.

Moving beyond the ever so popular bbq, wood fired pizza ovens have accelerated in popularity over recent years.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional woodfire oven cooked with real fire and timber, an alfresco pizza oven for your backyard, Polito has an extensive range of designs to suit your outdoor lifestyle needs.

All our pizza ovens are hand-crafted from Australian materials, sustainable, environmentally friendly and deliver the finest wood fired cooking experience available for the great Aussie backyard.


  1. Suitable for both indoors & outdoors, woodfire ovens are an excellent choice for busy families.

If there’s one stand out feature we all love about a woodfire pizza oven, is the efficiency and simplicity it offers. Not only can you cook up authentic Italian pizzas in less than 30 minutes, it’s a great way to save money for busy families on the go.

Cooking healthy, quick and delicious family meals has never been easier.  With design varieties available for both indoor and outdoor use, Polito Ovens are a great way to cook with minimal fuss and stress. Whether it’s a DIY Kit, or a fully assembled woodfire pizza oven, we have something to suit every Aussie homeowner.



  1. It creates a ‘comforting, homely & warm ambience’ in the home.

At Polito, we believe an authentic pizza oven is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your home. It creates an amazing ambience that simply can’t be achieved with other traditional kitchen appliances or cooking methods. Its aesthetically pleasing features make it an inspiring piece of art that works in every backyard.

From traditional brick designs to rustic woodfire oven fitouts, an authentic Italian pizzeria experience has never been easier to attain.  Whether chilling in the backyard on a calm wintery evening or sitting under the pergola with a glass of good vino, the woodfire oven always adds an extra element of coziness to the whole outdoor dining experience.


  1. Wood fired ovens are versatile, cost-efficient & convenient, making it the ideal cooking companion for a range of delicious meals – not just pizza.

Did you know your woodfire oven is designed to cook more than just pizza? When you realise how cost-effective it is to own an Italian inspired pizza oven, you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

One of the ultimate things about a woodfire pizza oven is the ability to cook a variety of different meals such as bread, roasts and desserts. This level of versatility makes it a joy to cook at home, creating simplified and delicious meals the whole family will love.

You can even cook multiple pizzas at the one time, catering to larger groups if need be. Why not go the extra step and create different toppings on each pizza, customising it to your individual taste palate. Get in touch with Polito Wood Fire Ovens today to find out what pizza oven will work best for your needs.


  1. More economical & energy efficient than traditional oven appliances, a Polito wood fired is the best way to save money & time.

In Italy, you will find most restaurants use authentic wood fired ovens to cook their pizza. It’s hard to achieve that same ‘woodfire’ taste with modern ovens today. Once the fire is kindled inside a woodfire oven, it can sustain itself and endure for the whole day, requiring minimal effort to keep it burning. This is because it has an exceptional ability to retain and distribute heat evenly, without the need to keep using wood.

And because woodfire ovens don’t need gas or electricity to heat up, it’s clear why its one of the most advanced and sustainable cooking options on the market today.

Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and versatile, Polito Wood Fired Ovens is the best way to minimise your carbon footprint while cooking your favourite delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.