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Italian Wood Fired Pizza Oven for your Home

How often have you cursed the fact that your own home made pizzas never come close to approximating the ones you eat in restaurants? Authentic Italian pizzas require authentic Italian wood fire ovens. Polito Wood Fire Oven’s can help you to say ‘arrivederci!’ to long waits in restaurants and soggy home delivered pizzas, with their range of backyard wood fire ovens.

Need more convincing? The facts speak for themselves: Customers who move home generally commission Polito to build a new oven for their new home. Once you’ve experienced the myriad of benefits and joys of cooking with wood fire in your own backyard, there’s no turning back.

Handcrafted in Australia using traditional materials to impart the distinctive flavours associated with wood fire cooking, a Polito wood fire oven will become the hub around which home life thrums.

To learn more about how you can enjoy the beautiful flavours of wood fired cooking in your own private ‘Little Italy’, call Polito today.

Home Ovens Range

Polito Wood Fire Ovens


"14th century sculptor" is the real deal when you choosing from the range, internal dimension is of 780mm in diameter. This oven can cook 4 small pizzas at once.

Polito Wood Fire Ovens


"15th century sculptor" this is the favourite and ideal sized oven, internal dimension is of 960mm in diameter. This oven can cook 7 small pizzas at once or 4 small pizzas and a well sized tray for your meat or vegetables.

Polito Wood Fire Ovens


"15th century painter" an amazing serious wood oven, internal dimension is of 1080mm in diameter.This oven can cook 10 small pizzas or 2 large trays with room for more.

Polito Wood Fire Ovens


"14th to 15th century painter" the biggest of them all and with all the good reasons, internal dimension 1170mm in diameter. This oven can cook 14 small pizzas or 3 large trays comfortably and more.

Finish Range

Rough Cast Finish Image

Rough Cast

Smooth Finish Image

Smooth Finish

Tumbled Stone Finish Image

Tumbled Stone

Colour Range


Red Stop


Mt Aspiring


Classic Cream






Shale Grey


Today the wood fire oven is the most appreciated method of cooking. It is used in resaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, wineries and most of all, at home in backyards, to make pizzas, bread and dishes. There is no cooking appliance that would give more pleasure to one who appreciates cooking more than a wood fire oven.

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