Smoki Soot Systems

Pollution Control for Pizza Ovens

Polito is happy to offer our commercial customers the latest and best in pollution control systems with the newly introduced Smoki. Smoki unit for the removal of grease and odours from the kitchen Polito are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, and the Smoki aligns beautifully with these ideals, as well as helping businesses to reduce the likelihood of neighbourhood complaints and any other issues- including odours, fire safety, and environmental codes- that might arise from the use of commercial wood fire ovens.

Smoki Soot Systems Range


The Smoki is a sophisticated unit designed to thoroughly eliminate 95% of soot and smoke particles discharged through the chimney. This drastically lowers the risk of chimney fires and prevents atmospheric pollution.

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Smoki Junior

The smaller sibling of the Smoki, the Smoki Jnr provides the same environmental and atmospheric benefits as it’s larger counterpart. Using regular mains water, the Smoki filtrates and clears the fumes and soot particles commonly produced during combustion.

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Today the wood fire oven is the most appreciated method of cooking. It is used in resaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, wineries and most of all, at home in backyards, to make pizzas, bread and dishes. There is no cooking appliance that would give more pleasure to one who appreciates cooking more than a wood fire oven.

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