Porchetta al forno

Porchetta Al Forno

Porchetta al forno

Pork loin in the wood fired oven can be a memorable dish for many people.

Before you do anything, fire up your wood fire oven, even if it’s the day before. The wood fire oven needs to be at a consistent temperature, at least 200deg for a good couple of hours.

Let the firewood burn down and then feed only one piece of firewood which should make the temperature stay at around 160deg. From now on each piece of firewood needs to burn down before you feed another for a flame.

When the pork loin is to go in the oven, keep an eye on the skin which will start crackling and your job is make sure you move the pork loin around so the flame is consistently crackling the skin.

Once the pork loin is covered with crackling and the flame is minimal allow it cook for a couple of hours. (best way to test if its cooked, use a probe to measure the middle to 68deg)

Preparing the Porchetta:

Ask your butcher to prepare the pork loin by removing the ribs for you and the excess fat.

Ones your ready to score the skin, just by running the end of a sharp knife with consistent lines crossing each other, the more cuts the more crackling. Rub enough salt over the skin with the help of some extra virgin olive oil.


Time to season the meat side. Keep it simple.

Sprinkle enough Rosemary

Sea Salt

Sage leaves

Crushed garlic

Extra virgin olive oil

Cracked pepper

Allow this season to be enough so you can rub it with your hands and cover all the meat.

Let’s roll your pork loin by starting from one end and slowly, tightly and firmly. Once the pork loin is rolled well with no air pockets it’s time to tie it with the butcher’s string. The string needs to be tight with heaps around it until safe to be handled.

Place the pork loin on an aluminium or stainless steel tray with minor amount of olive oil.

No need to cover with foil if your oven is at the right temperature


Note: if you cook the pork loin the day before, let it cool down and place it the fridge. The following day using a sharp knife slice each cut at approx 20mm thick and glad wrap them and put them away in your fridge.

Once you’re ready to serve, unwrap them and place them on a tray with knob of butter and don’t cover.

Have your woodfire oven hot enough for pizza at approx. 330deg to 400deg, the pork loin steaks should only take 1 to 2 minutes to be ready to serve.