Risotto of seafood al forno

Risotto Of Seafood Al Forno

Risotto of seafood al forno

Firstly cook your rice and put away enough for 2 serving, eg; 200 grams

Keep your temperature in the woodfire oven at around 300 deg with a medium flame.


2 x cloves of garlic



Olive oil

½ cup White wine

1 to 2 cups of Veg or seafood stock

1 to 2 cups Passata or conserva ( cooked down fresh tomato sauce)

10 x Deshelled fresh prawns

150 gr Mussels

1 x blue swimmer crab cleaned and cut into 4

1 x large fish fillet cut in pieces

150 gr Calamari cut to your liking


Things you need for this dish:

1 x large aluminium pan or a glazed terracotta dish

Good quality oven mitts


Large spoon



1 Place your Pan in the wood oven for 30 seconds only, remove and pour enough olive oil, crushed garlic, seafood and season with salt and pepper.

2 Place your pan in the wood oven and allow the seafood to sear until mussels have opened, remove pan and splash the white wine to deglaze for a minute in the oven. Add parsley

3 Add your stock and allow to boil then add the rice and the passata. Ensure the liquids of stock and passata are covering the rice. Taste to season

4 Place your pan in the oven for 8 minutes

You can also do this dish without passata.

Enjoy this lovely seafood dish from your woodfired oven