Rye Flour Pizza Dough

Rye Flour Pizza Dough

We chose to work with Rye flour for this dough, as it has many health benefits and being an ancient grain its easily digested. For any pizza dough we always say add a little extra flour or water if the dough is looking too dry or too wet it sticks on your hands when mixing. As every flour/flour brand may have had a slight different process, it may require a slight adjustment. Overall you are looking for a soft dough, and we were pleasantly surprised as it was beautiful to work with.

White flour 135grams
Water (lukewarm) 135grams
Instant active yeast 0.5grams

Combine in a small oiled bowl and leave overnight covered with a tea towel (ideal temperature is 24.c.)

Rye Flour 500grams
Water (lukewarm) 360grams
Instant active yeast 2grams
Sea Salt 15grams
A drizzle of olive oil

In a large bowl combine the (overnight) starter with the rye flour and water. Mix well and cover for 30minutes.
Now mix in your yeast, salt and oil.
Turn out onto a floured bench and knead the dough for 5minutes.
Roll into one ball of dough and sit it in a large oiled bowl.
Cover for 3-4hours, folding every hour.