Sausage & Onion

Sausage and Onion Reciepe

For this recipe we used an aluminium tray, this works well for fast meals as the heat will get through. With these particular trays we usually recommend using them once only, although if they are not too oily you can give them a wash; making sure you don’t use anything too abrasive which scratches the surface.

For the sausages, once they have been pricked with a fork toss them into the tray with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, sliced or halved onions, whole garlic, a touch of wine (optional), a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
Once this is all mixed really well, pop the tray into a 180.c-220.c oven, cover with foil and cook on the side/back of the oven for approximately 10 minutes.
Take foil off and cook again for 10 minutes. At this point they should be ready; smokey and juicy! Enjoy.

This recipe is based on approximately 10-15 medium sausages,
adjust cooking time if cooking 5 or 50 sausages.