Packaging And Shrink-wrap Must Be Removed From The Oven As Soon As It Is Received.  Failure To Do So May Cause Damage To The Oven Paint.

The Giotto is a specially designed, lightweight Australian made wood fire oven by Polito that combines stylish design with high quality materials.

Yes, the oven can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.  With indoor use, a custom flue kit will need to be purchased to accommodate the smoke depending on where the oven is placed.

The Giotto oven comes fully assembled and boxed on a standard sized pallet of 1,200mm cubed.  Pickup is available from our manufacturing warehouse in Thomastown, Victoria or delivery can be arranged Australia wide for an additional cost to one of our depots where you can pick up the oven yourself with a ute or trailer.

Yes, we are able to arrange delivery to your home for an additional cost.  Once at your home, you will need four people to carry and put the oven in place.  At least one metre wide access to the back of your property is recommended for the oven to enter.

Yes, you are able to carefully place the oven on it’s side and it will fit through an 800mm doorway.

The oven weighs 148kg.

Yes, the oven comes with a stainless steel 200mm diameter external flue as pictured on the website.  If you require a custom flue, we are able to arrange that for you at an additional cost.

The Giotto is fully waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant, we do not sell any covers.

The Giotto is designed to be placed on a bench by using the bench top stand.  The bench top stand offers thermal protection from the bench whilst also providing additional height for ease of use when cooking.

The Giotto external temperature is hot, do not touch as a rule. To allow 100mm clearance would be a minimum.

Yes, the oven can be purchased without a bench top stand and placed on a concrete bench.  However a minimum 20mm clearance of packers must be installed to allow for condensation, drainage and heat transfer (subject to other bench materials).

No, if your benchtop is stone based, you must purchase the bench top stand with the oven for safe operation.

We recommend to not use any combustible bench material, even though it won’t transfer heat by using the bench top stand.

Once the oven has reached the temperature you want, you will need to maintain it with a constant flame by adding more wood.  Usually, depending on the wood you’re using, it would require one log at a time.  Different temperatures are recommended for different types of food:

  • At 200 Degrees, you can cook meats, fish, vegetables, and bread.
  • At 300 Degrees you can cook pizzas, focaccias, stews (slow cooked and well covered), and meats.
  • At 400 Degrees, pizzas can be cooked.

The Giotto external temperature is hot, do not touch as a rule.

Approximately 1 x 5kg bucket of wood is required to get the oven started.

You can place 2 large wood fire pizzas in the oven at one time. Pizzas will take approximately 2 minutes to cook.

For the exterior of the oven, use running water over the oven whilst wiping down with a clean cloth to leave a smooth finish.  Note: OVEN MUST BE COLD.  Never use high pressure cleaning on any part of the oven as this can lead to paint peeling.  Blackness from the smoke around the arch can also be cleaned the same way.

For the interior of the oven, you do not need any cleaning products, just sweep the ashes out when cooled. This does not have to be done after every cook, just when there is a build-up of ashes.

No, our Giotto range is professionally painted using a drying oven.

No, packaging and shrink wrap must be removed from the oven as soon as it is received.  Failure to do so may cause damage to the oven paint.

Yes, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives on 03 9460 6808 or submit an enquiry through our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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